Zuliat Lawal is a seasoned speaker with deep expertise on positive discipline principles and a particular focus on Islamic Parenting.

She was the Panelist for the Parenting Segment at the first Pearl Muslimah’s Network “The Wholesome Muslimah'” Workshop in Lagos where she spoke to over 100 women.

With her cheerful smile, sense of humour and unique way of communicating principles around Islamic and Positive Parenting, Zuliat is frequently sought after as one of the TOP rated speakers at Muslim Programs both online and offline on Parenting and Family Life in the Muslim Home

Zuliat is a Charismatic speaker and she consistently delivers incredible value to her audience beyond her topic of expertise.

Muslimah’s receive many insightful moments as well as practical strategies and tactics that they can implement right away in their homes..


I’m available as a keynote speaker, expert panelist or workshop host for the following topics (or similar):

  • The Islamic Approach to Sex Education
  • Nurturing Our Amanahs
  • How to Raise Righteous Children in the 21st Century
  • Setting the Foundation for Positive Parenting in a Muslim Home
  • Setting the Right Goals for Parenting as Muslims
  • Develop an Islamic Personality and Cultivate Iman In Children
  • Positive Discipline Approach to Parenting
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