What I Do

I help Muslim Mothers get their kids to listen without yelling, nagging, or losing control.

No more tantrums. No more outbursts. No more guilt.

Empower your children to be responsible and proactive individuals

Guide you to help your kids discover and learn about Islam in a fun and exciting way

Help you apply Positive Discipline tools to nurture Islamic values in your kids

Become the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

My Philosophy

In the optimal world, we would all take a really good practical parenting class before we become parents.

Unfortunately, that almost never happens.  Usually, we go into it with high expectations, and then our toddler quickly humbles us to the point of giving up.

Parenting should be Rewarding and FUN!

You should feel like you are making a difference in this little one’s life, teaching him or her everything he or she needs to know to become a righteous muslim who would add value to the ummah and be a source of sadaqa jariya for you In shaa Allah.

My Approach

I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and research-based principles.

These could be through ebooks, webinars, online courses, trainings or one on one consultation sessions. 

I am an advocate of parenting training following Islamic and positive discipline principles that are focused on connection and encouragement. I have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and positive parenting. I am also in the process of becoming a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator In shaa Allah

My Mission

I want to impact the lives of 20,000 muslim women over the next 10 years to raise their children following teachings from the Qur’an and Sunnah and Positive Discipline principles through the Parenting for Jannah Academy

I would love YOU to be one of the amazing Muslimahs.



Zuliat Lawal is a seasoned speaker with deep expertise on positive discipline principles and a particular focus on Islamic Parenting.

She was the Panelist for the Parenting Segment at the first Pearl Muslimah's Network "The Wholesome Muslimah'" Workshop in Lagos where she spoke to over 100 women.

One on One Consultation

Zuliat works with muslim mothers to create personalized parenting solutions to their needs.

I would go beyond books and courses and work with you to get answers and create a process tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Digital Products and Trainings

Zuliat offers a variety of Ebooks, Online Courses, Webinars, Physical Workshops and Training Sessions.

As a Positive Parenting Trainer, she conducts online and physical parenting classes regularly. She also lectures on issues related to women and family.