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Mockup of a free masterclass on how to get kids to listen

1) Want to finally get your kids to listen without smacking, bribing or nagging all the time?

Grab this FREE MASTERCLASS: The Jannah Moms Solution to Get Kids to Listen without Smacking, Yelling, Nagging or Bribing all the time.

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2) Want to stop yelling and losing your temper with your kids?

For the Jannah Mom who wants to stop losing her temper, yelling at her children and modeling toxic behaviors when her children just don’t listen!

Join hundreds of moms who have taken the “Tame Jannah Moms Temper” Course

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3) Tired of never ending tantrums in your home?

For the Jannah Mom who feels at her wits end by the never ending tantrums and wants to feel confident to stop, prevent, manage and respond to tantrums anywhere even especially in public spaces!

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An ebook mockup of The Mommy Dua Book which uses the names of Allah to make duas for children

4) Need some help with making intentional duas for your children?

Over 500 Moms around the world love using the beautiful names of Allah in the Mommy Dua Book to make specific and intentional duas for your kids In shaa Allah and stop feeling like a bad mom that you are not.

πŸ‘‰ Click HERE to purchase the Mommy’s Dua Book (only if you live in Nigeria).

You can grab the Mommy Dua Book in paperback and ebook format on Amazon if you are in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Ireland, France and wherever Amazon operates.

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