When you have a child, your highest priority should be to become a better parent, learn new things and challenge traditional beliefs so you can show up as the Mom you desire to be and your child deserves.

Nothing triggers us like our children, which is why we have to be extra responsible as the impact we have on them cannot be overemphasized or quantified.

The damage parents unconsciously do to their kids is scary which is why changing your parenting approach would change everything.

The Course has been designed to align Islamic and Prophetic teachings on parenting with Positive Discipline in every applicable lesson and is specifically tailored to the 21st century muslimah striving to raise righteous muslims.

Let us raise children who won’t need therapy to heal from their childood In shaa Allah.

A wise man once said

“Train your children with
a different methodology
than yours for they were
born for a time different
than yours”

Sis Mariam
Lagos, Nigeria

“Asalam Alaykum sis, Finally got round to starting the course. I cried ooooo, made the mistake of not listening in private as I’ve had a busy week. I felt like you knew all my fears and worries and were addressing me directly even aspects of the sample exercise and the affirmation was tailored for me. Allah is indeed the best of planners and he does suffice for us all. This course now appears to be the answer to dua I’ve been making. I pray he grants me the ease and ability to engage and benefit completely from the course. If this is just lesson 1; hmm Alhamdulilah alla kulli haal.”

Sis Adeorike
Lagos, Nigeria

“You are simply awesome. After our chat yesterday; walahi I have seen a vast improvement in my relationship with my son. I am still work in progress because I caught myself using some of the words we said to stop using but the past 24hrs have been blissful and not a single shout.

CEO Swiftglow beauty
Lagos, Nigeria

“l just implemented one of the words now and he stopped being naughty immediately. May Allah bless you plenty sister.

Go from stressed, overwhelmed, unclear, uncertain, nagging, bribing, spanking and yelling to a Calm, Proactive, Confident, Intentional and Positive Mom.


US $297 / ₦133,650/ £220

Or 2 payments Of $148.50/₦66,825/£110

4 Modules taught LIVE for 8 weeks
Lifetime Access to handouts and workbooks
Lifetime Access to pre-recorded version and future updates of the course
Q and A time after each live session
Certificate of Completion

✓ Jannah Moms Solution Toolbox (Value $150) includes quick trainings on

  • Handling Screen Time
  • Taming Temper Tantrums
  • Transforming Sibling Rivalry to Love
  • Time Management for Busy Moms and
  • How to Promote Positive Self Esteem in your Children.


US $497 / ₦223,650/ £368

Or 2 payments Of $248.50/₦111,825/£184

All Gold package
Lifetime Access to a Facebook Support Group with 8 weeks group coaching available twice a year(Value $1600 per Annum)
Free Access to the Parenting for Jannah
Academy for one year (Value $3600)

 7 Master Classes taught by the following

  • Develop an Islamic Growth Plan by Amina Oke of Raising Mumeens
  • The Art of Quran Journalling Masterclass by Jameela Ho of Muslim parenting
  • How to have Crucial Conversations that transform every Relationship by Aisha Dahiru Atta of An Affluent Heart
  • Protecting your Child’s Mental Health by Ruqoyyah Ogunbiyi of Sane Mind
  • Mom/Life Balance by Kemi Bawa-Allah of Spapamperingathome
  • First Aid for Little Humans by Dr Zainab Mimi Yaro of AskDrMims
  • Barakah Living Online Course by Dr Samiah Oyekan Ahmed of The Pearl Muslimah Network

✓   Free One Year Subscription to the Halal Parenting Magazine and

✓   Free Digital Copies of Ayeina Gratitude and In Jannah I want Journals

Sis Abimbola
Lagos, Nigeria

“I have started implementing the tips you gave me, we had our maiden family meeting and it was awesome. My 4yr old spoke out so much and the rest picked up from there. They didn’t like that i beat them and shout so much, they wish i could stop. I was beating them for tantrums and they were throwing tantrums because i was beating them. We all aired our feelings and agreed to be better. This morning, there was no shouting or hurrying to make school time. It was really a breath of fresh air for all. Jazakhallah Khair Sis.”

Sis Sarah

“Your workshop has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of mistakes i was making in my parenting and i can’t wait to implement all the things you shared with us at the workshop. I have shared them with my husband, sister in law and friends. My kids will be elated especially by the idea of having family meetings where they are included in the decision marking. May Allah reward you for this awareness you have brought to muslim parents and may he crown your efforts with success.

Sis Mariam
Lagos, Nigeria

“I have completed the course up to Module 4 Alhamdulillah and it was absolutely refreshing and an eye opener.“

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