The Jannah Moms Solution

to Get Kids to Listen without Smacking, Yelling or Nagging



The Muslimah’s Strategy for raising Righteous Children
without Spanking, Nagging, Bribing and Yelling all the
time by following Islamic and Positive Discipline.

What other Moms like YOU have said about the Course

“Asalam Alaykum sis, Finally got round to starting the course. I cried ooooo, made the mistake of not listening in private as I’ve had a busy week. I felt like you knew all my fears and worries and were addressing me directly even aspects of the sample exercise and the affirmation was tailored for me. Allah is indeed the best of planners and he does suffice for us all. This course now appears to be the answer to dua I’ve been making. I pray he grants me the ease and ability to engage and benefit completely from the course. If this is just lesson 1; hmm Alhamdulilah alla kulli haal.”

Sis Maryam

Lagos, Nigeria

“I didn’t realize until I started taking the course but our parenting journey starts with us, we need to undergo a process of healing before we can think about looking after another human being., I have come across other resources since then reiterating the same thing but none approaches it as Sister Zuliat does. For this reason, I would recommend all mums undergo this process in their parenting journey with Islam at its heart as it should be.”

Sis Kiran

East London, UK

“I am halfway into Module 2 – Lesson 3B and I am so incredibly grateful for being a part of this course right now. It is irreplaceable for me. Allahu Akbar. So beneficial and exactly what I have been looking for. Jazaakhillahu Khayra for all your efforts in putting this together. May it ripple and benefit our Ummah. Ameen.“

Umm Talha

London, Uk

“The lesson on setting parenting goals and philosophy was an eye opener. I had to pause, play, rewind and replay. The lessons increased my level of intentional parenting.”

Sis Maryam


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