Digital Products and Trainings

Zuliat offers a variety of Ebooks, Online Courses, Webinars and Physical Workshops and Training Sessions.

As a Positive Parenting Trainer for Muslim women, she conducts online and physical parenting classes regularly. She also lectures on issues related to women and family.

She compiled the Mommy’s Dua Book (a prayer book which uses the most beautiful 99 names of Allah to word Duas for our children) which went viral in the global muslim community at the beginning of Ramadan 2019.

She also launched a signature 12 week course “Positive Parenting Online Course for Muslim Women” which is focused specifically on implementing Islamic and Positive Discipline principles to raise the next generation of Muslims.

Her interests include: Parent and Child relationships, Islamic and Positive Discipline Parenting, Character Building, Personality Development in a Muslim Home and the Family Unit in Islam.