I am an imperfect mum just like YOU (juggling marriage, parenting, work, business while side eye monitoring my daughter who is climbing the table for the umpteenth time again today, garri drinking on days I can’t find the energy to eat what I cooked).

I experience the day to day challenges of parenting with 2 kids who teach me about myself every single day and I know how it feels to have to sweep that floor again the 4th time in one day, cook lunch or dinner while the baby is crying and the toddler is having a meltdown (did I say cook, sorry I mean burn LOL)

THIS is my LIFE’s WORK. I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah.

My name is Zuliat Lawal and I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and Positive Discipline principles.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was very scared of getting married to the extent that I pushed accepting my husband’s request for two years.
Why you may ask? PARENTING

I was scared of the kind of mother I was going to be. I had always been a bookworm so I was completely alarmed at how I was going to raise a human being.

Me? MOM.. What? How? You must be joking.

I was also scared about losing myself, my individuality, my dreams and visions when I became a parent because I had always been the nurturing type, having 3 younger siblings kind of makes you a mini Mom when growing up LOL, only if I knew that line of thought was a SCAM.

Despite it all; I am very passionate about parenting and in spite of it being the toughest job in the world, I believe it’s the most important job that we will ever undertake, one without an end date and one that we don’t get any training for.

When you look at the society we live in today, you wonder which kind of world our kids would live in: the fast paced life, the moral decadence in today’s society leaves nothing to the imagination.

My major concern was if I would be able to raise my kids in a way that would give them a head start and maximum opportunities no matter where they find themselves to live their lives in the dunya to please Allah while striving for the ultimate goal of Jannah.

When I got pregnant, I struggled to find practicable information based on the Qur’an, Sunnah and research based parenting techniques for a first-time mum to begin my parenting journey.

I reached out to other moms and realized I was not alone. I became scared; How was I going to do this?

I became an advocate of parent training following Islamic and Positive Discipline principles. I have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and Positive Discipline Parenting and I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

I want you to know that no matter the challenges you face daily or how tired and overwhelmed you are; it can definitely be better.

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