Liamanah is an Islamic Parenting Hub which follows Positive Discipline principles to empower Muslim women with the knowledge, skills and resources to raise righteous children who would live their lives to please Allah and be of benefit to the Ummah In shaa Allah.
At Liamanah, we help Muslim Mothers get their kids to listen without spanking, nagging, bribing, yelling or losing control.

We help you parent from a place of authenticity and confidence. 

  • Empower your children to be responsible and proactive individuals
  • Apply Positive Discipline tools to nurture Islamic values in your kids
  • Become the parent you’ve always desired to be


I know parenting at the moment (especially with the pandemic that has changed our lives to a new normal) feels completely overwhelming for some of us but remember that children don’t come with a set of directions and effective parenting skills are learned, not inherited.

Do you want to get your Kids to Listen without
Smacking, Yelling or Nagging all the time?

My Approach

We help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following
Islamic and positive discipline principles.

These are through digital products such as ebooks, webinars, online courses, memberships, one on one
consultation sessions and physical workshops.

I am an advocate of parenting training following following Islamic and Positive Discipline principles. I
have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and Positive Discipline Parenting and I am a Certified
Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Alhamdulilah.


and well... to be honest, the kids don’t come with Instruction Manuals.

No one really prepares us for the monumental responsibility of raising this little human.

We are handed the cuties from the hospital and sent along our merry way with Congratulations, She is so adorable, He is so cute, Ma shaa Allahs, Barakallahu Feeh and that’s it.

In the optimal world, we would all take a really good practical parenting course before we even become parents. Unfortunately, that almost never happens because the first time we are really concerned about how the baby is going to come out of our Uh Ahs... (lool) whaaattttt the most invigorating/painful experience ever... (pick your Sis)


Zuliat Lawal is a seasoned speaker with deep expertise on positive discipline principles and a particular focus on Islamic Parenting.

She was the Panelist for the Parenting Segment at the first Pearl Muslimah’s Network “The Wholesome Muslimah'” Workshop in Lagos where she spoke to over 100 women.

Zuliat works with muslim mothers to create personalized parenting solutions to their needs.

I would go beyond books and courses and work with you to get answers and create a process tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Digital Products and Trainings

Zuliat offers two major digital products: A signature course called “The Positive Parenting for Muslim Women Online Course” and a Membership for Muslim Moms called “The Parenting for Jannah Academy”.

She is the author of the Mommy’s Dua Book which is available on Amazon in both ebook and hardcopy.

She also provides mini courses, webinars, training sessions and physiocal workshops.

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