What if you could raise Righteous Children without Spanking, Nagging, Bribing and Yelling all the time?



Watch our FREE MASTERCLASSJannah Moms like YOU started seeing results in hours and days of implementing what was learned on the Masterclass

What if you could raise Righteous Children without Spanking, Nagging, Bribing and Yelling all the time?



Watch our FREE MASTERCLASSJannah Moms like YOU started seeing results in hours and days of implementing what was learned on the Masterclass

does any of this sound familiar?

When you had your adorable darling, you were so excited and grateful to Allah but now...


You seem to have
gotten a PhD in Yelling
and constantly screaming at your precious kids


You want them to love
the deen and have a
strong muslim identity
but Madrassah seems
to be such a struggle
these days


You are tired of
repeating the same
thing over and over to
your kids.


You are hiding in the
bathroom a little longer
just to get away from
the constant sibling
squabbles, tantrums,
backtalks etc.


You get out of control
and spank them so
much sometimes


You are at your wits
end, overwhelm and
stress are your new
best friends in fact
they live just next door


You spend your nights
tormented by guilt over
how angry you've


You wonder why
punishments, timeouts,
bribing and giving in all
don't seem to be


I know parenting at the moment (especially with the pandemic that has changed our lives to a new normal) feels completely overwhelming for some of us but remember that children don’t come with a set of directions and effective parenting skills are learned, not inherited.

Do you want to get your Kids to Listen without
Smacking, Yelling or Nagging all the time?


and well... to be honest, the kids don’t come with Instruction Manuals.

No one really prepares us for the monumental responsibility of raising this little human.

We are handed the cuties from the hospital and sent along our merry way with Congratulations, She is so adorable, He is so cute, Ma shaa Allahs, Barakallahu Feeh and that’s it.

In the optimal world, we would all take a really good practical parenting course before we even become parents. Unfortunately, that almost never happens because the first time we are really concerned about how the baby is going to come out of our Uh Ahs... (lool) whaaattttt the most invigorating/painful experience ever... (pick your Sis)

Take the course and begin your transformation

“Asalam Alaykum sis, Finally got round to starting the course. I cried ooooo, made the mistake of not listening in private as I’ve had a busy week. I felt like you knew all my fears and worries and were addressing me directly even aspects of the sample exercise and the affirmation was tailored for me. Allah is indeed the best of planners and he does suffice for us all. This course now appears to be the answer to dua I’ve been making. I pray he grants me the ease and ability to engage and benefit completely from the course. If this is just lesson 1; hmm Alhamdulilah alla kulli haal.”

Sis Maryam 
Lagos, Nigeria



You are worried as the fabulous Jannah striving Mom that you are otherwise, you won’t be here reading this right now. You are scared of failing as a parent, worried about the future of your children especially in this 21st Century.


  • Am I doing my best in nurturing their love for the deen?
  • How exactly do I raise pious children with good akhlaaq and teach them about Islam?
  • Am I spoiling or enabling them by letting them get their way?
  • How do I ensure I don’t fail at my responsibility as a parent since Allah would ask me how I fulfilled my duties towards the amanah HE entrusted to me?
  • How do I understand what they need at their different stages of development and respond in a way that aligns with their personality as well as developmental stage?
  • Would I be able to raise them as righteous muslims who would not bow to peer pressure all by myself as a single mother?
  • Would they be able to trust and confide in me when they get to the teenage years or when the sex word comes up?
  • What am I not doing right and what more can I do to improve the connection, love and relationship with my children especially before they hit the teen phase?


I am an imperfect mum just like YOU (juggling marriage, parenting, work, business while side eye monitoring my daughter who is climbing the table for the umpteenth time again today, garri drinking on days I can’t find the energy to eat what I cooked).

I experience the day to day challenges of parenting with 2 kids who teach me about myself every single day and I know how it feels to have to sweep that floor again the 4th time in one day, cook lunch or dinner while the baby is crying and the toddler is having a meltdown (did I say cook, sorry I mean burn LOL)

THIS is my LIFE’s WORK. I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah.

My name is Zuliat Lawal and I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and Positive Discipline principles.


  • You are calmer and enjoying your kids company and not yelled at all TODAY.. Bye Bye PhD in Yelling 
  • You can’t remember the last time your spanked your children
  • You are able to observe and manage your triggers
  • You pull out your go to Parenting strategy from the toolbox to address some misbehavior
  • You don’t need to keep repeating the same thing over and over to your kids
  • Your always clingy toddler is playing independently in the living room
  • Hour long tantrums completely gone poof in 5 minutes or less
  • Sibling squabbles are on a vacation in your home, the kids sort out their differences quite nicely
  • Your children say love you Mummy more frequently and give you hugs out of nowhere
  • No more fights with the older sibling about seizing their tablets because they abused screen time privileges
  • You are now able to get so much more done and create time for the things that you love and are interested in beyond motherhood, 9-5, business and wifely duties 
  • Sounds too good to be true?
  • See what moms who have attended our programs or had consultations with us had to say and imagine what 8 weeks from now would look like for YOU

Sis Rianat
Lagos, Nigeria

“I am very glad i signed up for the course. It has been very enlightening, eye opening, 
and relatable.”

yes, i want to stop yelling and raise my children in peace


When you have a child, your highest priority should be to become a better parent, learn new things and challenge traditional beliefs so you can show up as the Mom you desire to be and your child deserves.

Nothing triggers us like our children, which is why we have to be extra responsible as the impact we have on them cannot be overemphasized or quantified.

The damage parents unconsciously do to their kids is scary which is why changing your parenting approach would change everything.

The Course has been designed to align Islamic and Prophetic teachings on parenting with Positive Discipline in every applicable lesson and is specifically tailored to the 21st century muslimah striving to raise righteous muslims.

Let us raise children who won’t need therapy to heal from their childhood In shaa Allah.

A wise man once said

“Train your children with
a different methodology
than yours for they were
born for a time different
than yours”


I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a mother of two beautiful kids Just Like YOU so I am in the trenches in this parenting business every single day and implementing as well.

Thanks for taking the time to go through everything and I hope to see you in class

In shaa Allah!


Sis Kiran
East London, UK

“I didn’t realize until I started taking the course but our parenting journey starts with us, we need to undergo a process of healing before we can think about looking after another human being., I have come across other resources since then reiterating the same thing but none approaches it as Sister Zuliat does. For this reason, I would recommend all mums undergo this process in their parenting journey with Islam at its heart as it should be.”

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